Rooting HTC Desire VC

root desire vc

how to root the HTC Desire VC – relate all the coursework has been completed. This time I am sharing a tutorial on how to root the HTC Desire VC, but the easy way to a new you first might still be a little confused, to me explain it in detail and complete. Before starting the root step, prepare the ingredients :

Before getting to the root step, your device must be in a state S-OFF first, how to make S-OFF android

  1. Go to
  2. Do not forget to login or register first
  3. Follow the next steps in the point of the site

the next, we go to the next step which is the root process:

  1. Extract the superboot R1 primo files in Pc / Laptop
  2. Save the file folder Boot superboot in the SuperBoot R1 primo folder
  3. Reboot Android and go into bootloader mode (press power + volume down)
  4. Then connect android to PC  using the USB cable
  5. Select fastboot mode in android.
  6. Search files install-superboot-window.bat then open the application will automatically perform root process wait until the process is complete
  7. reboot
  8. After the flame android application SuperSU and let the press do the SU Update     completed

Gallery of Rooting HTC Desire VC

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